data gathering & automation services 

Companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions (or even only within one jurisdiction), spend a lot of time on collecting important, recurring information to report on to internal and external stakeholders.   

You could think of:

  • Tax (risk & compliance/ TP) questionnaires
  • CBCR data gathering
  • Cash tax / Loss / UTP information

What you accomplish: 

  • Mitigating the lack of centralization, standardization and automation
  • Mitigating an error prone data process
  • Mitigating a time consuming process
  • Establishing control and supporting information towards authorities and internal stakeholder

ATC Approach

Identify current process and challenges

During a brainstorm session we analyse your tax and finance process(es) and draw-up the full landscape of systems, data, people and identify the various challenges. Based on your requirements we paint the to-be picture and provide an advice on potential next steps.  

Determine the best solution and platform

With our experience and knowledge of vendors and solutions we can provide insights around the possible automation for the company. 

Execute implementation, development and training

As we are Certified Implementers of the various vendors, we can execute the implementation. Based on our experience on local as well as global implementations we take care of the end-to-end activation, training and change management. 


 Thomson reuters DATAFlow

Structure your data gathering process within a controlled and audited environment. Re-use and leverage data across service lines. Reminder management, centralized document retention and online communication.

 Workiva WData/ WDESK

Connect directly from source systems to reports with Wdata. Combine, enrich, explore, discover and deliver valuable insights along the way.

Microsoft powerapps

With the PowerSuite of Microsoft you can create any solution around data gathering.