global compliance 

Companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions, spend a lot of time on getting in control (meeting filing and payment deadlines, monitoring of compliance, monitoring of internal and external processes and creating documentation).   

Global monitoring and reporting software can bring you the following:

  • Centralized control and monitoring on internal and external processes
  • Mitigating the lack of centralization, standardization and automation
  • Mitigating fines and non-compliance
  • Content driven solutions with filing capabilities


From our conversations with companies, this process can really benefit from the right monitoring automation.

ATC Approach

Current countries/ deadlines and reporting processes

Together with the company we determine what country presence, global/ internal deadlines and reporting obligations are applicable for the organisation.

Content & Framework execution

Depending on the process, we setup the automated environment containing global deadline, DAC6 reporting or CBCR reporting/ filing solutions. We implement all the identified processes, setup custom elements and provide the right training to the country leads and the HQ team. 

Super user training and hypercare

After go-live we will train a group of company users that can maintain and expand the implemented solution internally without the dependency on external advisors/ consultants. Furthermore, we provide Hypercare during the first round of execution.


 Thomson reuters Calendar

Take control of your deadlines, extensions, filings and payments with NextGen ONESOURCE Calendar

 DAC6 reporter

Thomson Reuters DAC6 Reporter powered by Orbitax is a comprehensive, secure, enterprise-wide solution for identifying and accurately reporting reportable cross-border arrangements while reducing time-consuming workflows and manual intervention. 

 BEPS Action manager (Cbcr)

 EPS Action Manager combines research, data management, entity charting, reporting and analytics, electronic conversion, and filing in a single solution.