Indirect tax compliance

Digitalization is changing the nature of tax compliance. The introduction of new data submission and electronic auditing requirements involve substantial changes to the way companies record, store and report on VAT data. 

Managing reporting for numerous jurisdictions, each with their own country specific requirements, quickly becomes challenging, especially on top of the traditional return responsibilities. 

With the right automation,  you can automate your distinct VAT and GST compliance from start to finish.

ATC Approach

Compliance configuration Design 

We analyze your current source systems, current registrations and current users across the company. 

Furthermore, we investigate the potential process and data improvements and validate the company requirements. 

Compliance configuration Implementation

We implement the client environment, leverage the current process in the system and load transactions. 

The system is extensively tested, the outcome is validated and approval of advisor and/ or local tax authorities is concluded. 

Training and Hypercare

After finalizing the implementation, the company is trained on the use and maintenance of the solution. 

Furthermore, ATC will provide a period of Hypercare to assure that the company is fully equipped to execute the solution autonomously. 



Automate sales and use tax, GST, and VAT compliance in one simple software solution to improve accuracy of tax returns and filings. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance expedites your indirect tax compliance obligations by streamlining your overall process, enabling data mining and ultimately, delivering results faster — all with a modern, simple and intuitive design.