Statutory Reporting/ Annual & interim reporting

In the legal entity reporting process you have to comply with regulations in a lot of different jurisdictions and to the satisfaction of a lot of different auditors and stakeholders. With scattered processes, lack of standardization and decentralized data and people, it can be a time consuming, non-transparent and error prone process. 

Next to improving the process, standardizing and automating the process with the right solutions can create global control and oversight. 

ATC Approach

Data & Document

We analyze your ERP data and all your country specific documentation to determine the scope, improvements and potential country specific customizations. 

Based on this information and the type of organization (decentralized/ centralized) we can determine what type of automation would fit.

Content & Framework

Depending on your requirements and the analyzed information,  content, data  and/ or framework driven solutions could improve the workflow and data quality. 

Through a vendor selection in combination with our experience as a Certified implementer we can select the right solution. 

Lift, improve and Automate

When the decision for a specific solution or platform has been made, we can standardize, automate and execute your current process in the chosen environment. 

With the right training and change management we enable you to expand and maintain the solution in-house and decrease the dependency of a consultancy firm. 



Connect both financial and non-financial data from your sources concurrently and securely to automate data flow across entity reporting—and future-proof your processes for further inevitable change. Trust your data—and any transformations along the way—with a full audit trail into activities. 


Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is a global disclosure management tool serving just under 50 countries that includes local language, best practice, country-specific reporting templates, and content updates from the largest accounting firms. 

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