Whether you decide to improve your Finance processes or looking for ways to future proof your finance function, the ATC Finance Lab is the smartest step to re-invent your company. 

WHat we dO

Decide Today

Determine Tomorrow

Impact to action

Fin.lab principles


Why only count on us to deliver results? Together we sit down to take a deepdive into the organization. 

  • What is your operating model and how to reorganize your organization?
  • Who does what and how are the processes organized?
  • What role does your team play within the wider organization?


To get the best results out of an ATC Fin.Lab, we aim for interactive, on-site, real-time sessions. Next to having lively discussions, it will result in the most validated current position, future requirements and potential challenges. 

Executional Action plan

Instead of creating a generic report, the lab results in a detailed analysis that provides advisory on short-term actions on process improvements, data structuring, automation and change management. 


The session starts with listing issues and challenges together. We set the goals for the session and engage as a group to make this session worthwile. 


By bringing the 'questioning outsider perspective', we try to identify the actual challenges. In this interactive workshop we will prioritize and evaluate in what areas we can gain the biggest accomplishments. 

Furthermore, we will show you what hidden values are there within your Finance department. 


The session is concluded with the actual commitment. Our report consists of a set of activities (large and small) and the actual actions to execute these activities, measure the outcome and validate against the identified challenges. 

Want to know more?

Looking to setup a session for your team or want to know more about the ATC Lab approach? Please reach out to Maaike Bouwen by scheduling an information session.