Advance Tax Group and Quantera Global agree strategic partnership to enable an integrated solution for Operational Transfer Pricing

Advance Tax Group, a highly regarded firm specialized in tax process and data optimization and automation including data gathering and data management, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms. This partnership will leverage the companies’ respective strengths in transfer pricing and process/data optimization as well as automation to empower MNEs to take the next step in their transfer pricing process. 


Theo Elshof, Managing Director of Quantera Global: “The partnership with the Advance Tax Group is the link between the data and information in the organisation, the transfer pricing controls and the invoicing streams. In combination with the Coperitas software solution, this is the perfect holistic solution for MNEs that want to take the next step, be in control and (further) automate.  


We also appreciate that our vision and DNA towards servicing clients is a full match. We both like to create value for clients, bring them in control and unburden them for the long-term.”


Tim van Uden, Partner of the Advance Tax Group: “The compliance burden and number of transfer pricing audits of MNEs keeps increasing and tax staff spend too much time on data and information gathering. With our joined approach and expertise, we can support tax people to do what they do and like best; analyse TP data and add real value to their organisation.” 


This joined approach will make MNEs future-proof and reduce administrative efforts, errors and struggles substantially. The combination of our expertise makes our offer unique; Quantera Global is an expert in the field of transfer pricing and we have a great knowledge of data gathering, robotics and automation. 


Advance Tax Group

The Advance Tax Group consists of Advance Tax Compliance, Advance Tax Solutions and SMRTR Consulting. The group is specialized in tax process and data optimalisation and automation and is trusted by various small MNEs as well as large MNEs such as NXP, IBM, Heineken and P&G. The Advance Tax Group is headquartered in the Rotterdam region in the Netherlands.   


Quantera Global

Quantera Global is one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist and integrated transfer pricing services to multinationals across the globe. Quantera Global is trusted by small and large MNEs such as Nutreco, TIP Trailer Services, NCR, Cordstrap and Hendrix Genetics. The company is headquartered in the BrainPort region in the Netherlands while having a global reach with branded offices and strategic alliances.