Advance Tax Suite

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We launched the Advance Tax Suite on the Workiva platform. Workiva is the cloud native platform that simplifies the complexities of reporting and compliance.  Connect data and context. Unify people and documents. Ensure governance and compliance within one controlled environment.

Our Finance & Automation team helps finance teams with (re)modelling the finance function into a future proof integrated department by putting the finance professional first and support with the right automation.

Our Tax & Automation team has been assisting multinationals with their compliance and reporting processes with knowledge and automation for the past 15 years. As an independent advisor, we implement and build purpose solutions on various platforms.

Our Process Automation Team (SMRTR) helps (a.o.) finance and tax departments with automating manual and repetitive processes (Robotic Process Automation). Furthermore, we connect systems, develop portals and combine information sources into usable data for analysis (BI Tooling).

Together with companies, we work towards the full finance and tax integration and automation. By launching the Tax Suite on the Workiva platform, we are able to realize our vision for our existing and future clients and bring it to the next level. 

Solutions Tax suite


From our experience we believe this process can really benefit from the right automation. We have created a reporting framework used by multinationals to structure and streamline the global tax reporting process. 

pillar 2 sOLUTION

The information/ data gathered and calculated in the Tax reporting process can be leveraged for the Pillar II process. (e.g loss position, effective tax rate and various tax positions can be connected in the platform to the entity specific Pillar II form). 

CIT Return Output 

The information/ data gathered and calculated in the Tax reporting process can be structured in an output file useable for the Corporate Income Tax return process. Depending on the platform, it can combine the tax related information with the commercial/ book figures stemming from the finance department/ process. 

Country By Country Reporting 

Gather the data relating to Country-by-Country reporting. Calculate ratio's, analyze the data, create presentations/ reports and execute the output file to report with the local authorities. 

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