Partner in automation and innovation 


A plan is nothing without the right execution! From our years of experience on digital transformations, we can guide you and your company with the first and next steps towards future digitization of the tax and finance department. 

We believe in small steps, based on a solid plan combined with the right amount of automation that leads to great positive impact for the company as well as the people working for the company.

ATC Approach


In a one to two hour session we will discuss your current landscape, challenges and goals on digitization. Without preset knowledge we will ask questions, trigger minds and gather information.


Based on the first session we will provide a report visualizing your process, impact analysis, heatmap and potential next steps. 

By combining the current state of a company, the future requirements and all the different types of challenges within the departments/ countries, we are able to provide a step-by-step action plan and accompanying business case. 


It all comes down to the right execution. We will help with the implementation of protocols and processes, the activation of platforms and solutions and all the internal and external politics/ change management.

Whether the next step is data, process and/ or solution driven, we can start stepping forward. 

Our toolkit


Our backpack is filled with knowledge around all kind of software solutions, platforms, ERP/ EPM systems and everything that comes along with it. 


Wondering how your process would work in a specific platform? We are able to replicate your process in any platform. Use it, test it and break it to get comfortable with any solution. 

business as a service/ center of excellence

Most of the advisory firms have their focus on compliance (direct and indirect tax) and tax advisory (structures, TP, mergers, etc). When it comes to data driven solutions, process automation, BI tooling and digital strategy it is most of the time something that is on the side and not part of the core business.

That is why we created B.A.A.S., Business As A Service where we extend your service portfolio and enable you to be that "one stop shop"! 

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